Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gil Kane

Gil Kane Art and Interviews
This companion volume to the best-selling Gil Kane: The Art of Comics features over 100 pieces of original artowrk, 300 illustrations, and numerous unpublished interviews with the likes of Julius Schwartz, Roy Thomas, and Ron Goulart as they share their personal perspectives and associations with this beloved comic book and fantasy illustrating icon. This in-depth 200-page book includes a comprehensive overview of Kane's career and over 75 pages of unpublished interviews with Kane. Also included are: Extensive interviews with Roy Thomas spanning his work with Kane at Marvel; an interview with Julie Schwartz regarding Kane's DC years; and a comprehensive interview with Ron Goulart regarding Star Hawks. This volume also contains over 160 pieces of original artwork; over 250 illustrations; a sixteen page color section; and a check list of all Kane's marvel covers


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