Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thor, X-M**

Thor (1966) #283-285 (digital,colecionadores.go)

Thor (1966) #286,287,Annual 7 (digital,colecionadores.go)


U X-M** (1963) #51-55 (digital,colecionadores.go)

U X-M** (1963) #64,66 (digital,colecionadores.go)

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  1. Wow, you are awesome! :D Here are some other suggestions (and they are only suggestions!) for future posts: Amazing Adventures (1970) #12-17 (they tell how Beast became furry, although they don't have issue #11 digitized), Silver Surfer (1987) #34-38 (Rebirth of Thanos storyline, thought your visitors might like that) and finally
    Squadron Supreme (1985) #1-12,Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe (1999) (Marvel's first attempt at Watchmen-style comics, considered a classic.) Thanks for all your efforts!!