Ben Reilly - Spider-Man (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Black Panther - The Saga of Shuri and T'Challa (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Eternals v02 - Hail Thanos (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Ka-Zar - Lord of the Savage Land (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Marvel Select - Hey, It's Deadpool (2021) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Marvel Select - Kraven's Last Hunt (2021) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Marvel Select - The Life of Captain Marvel (2021) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Marvel Select - Welcome Back, Frank (2021) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Moon Knight v02 - Too Tough To Die (2022) (digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Reign of X v13 (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Reign of X v14 (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
The Darkhold (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
The Thing - The Next Big Thing (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Thor by Donny Cates v04 - God of Hammers (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Wastelanders (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
What If... Miles Morales (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
X-Men by Gerry Duggan v02 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz

Aquaman and Green Arrow - Deep Target v01 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Batgirls v01 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Batman - Curse of the White Knight Deluxe Edition (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Batman - Shadow War (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Batman - Urban Legends v02 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Batman - Urban Legends v03 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Batman v06 - Abyss (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Batman vs. Robin - Road to War (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Black Adam - Rise and Fall of an Empire (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Black Adam - The Dark Age New Edition (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Black Adam and JSA - Black Reign New Edition (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Constantine - Distorted Illusions (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Deathstroke Inc. v01 - King of the Super-Villains (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Detective Comics v02 - Fear State (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Detective Comics v03 - Arkham Rising (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Future State - Gotham v02 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Green Lantern - Alliance (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Justice League Dark - The Great Wickedness (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Justice League v01 - Prisms (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Suicide Squad v02 - Ambushed (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Superman - Son of Kal-El v01 - The Truth (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Talon by James Tynion IV v01 (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbr
Task Force Z v01 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Teen Titans Academy v01 - X Marks The Spot (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Teen Titans Academy v02 - Exit Wounds (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
The Flash v16 - Wally West Returns (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
The New Golden Age 001 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
The Swamp Thing v02 - Conduit (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Titans United (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Wonder Girl - Homecoming (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Wonder Woman - Tales of the Amazons (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Wonder Woman - Trial of the Amazons (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz


Reign of X v13 (2022) (Digital) (Kileko-Empire).cbz
Reign of X v14 (2022) (Digital) (Kileko-Empire).cbz
S.H.I.E.L.D. v01 - Perfect Bullets (2015) (Digital) (Zone-Empire).cbr
Star Wars - Rebels (2022) (Digital-HD) (Kileko-Empire).cbz
Trials of X v01 (2022) (Digital) (Kileko-Empire).cbz
Daredevil by Chip Zdarsky - To Heaven Through Hell v03 (2022) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Devil's Reign - Superior Four (2022) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Devil's Reign - Villains for Hire (2022) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Devil's Reign - X-Men (2022) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Devil's Reign (2022) (Digital-Empire).cbr
Fantastic Four v11 - Reckoning War Part II (2023) (Digital) (EJGriffin-Empire).cbz
Iron Man v03 - The Secret Origin of Tony Stark - Book 02 (2013) (Digital) (F) (BroadCast-Empire).cbz
Iron Man v04 - Iron Metropolitan (2014) (Digital) (F) (BroadCast-Empire).cbz
Iron Man v05 - Rings of the Mandarin (2014) (Digital) (F) (BroadCast-Empire).cbz
Marvel Previews 14.cbz
Star Wars - The Mandalorian v01 - Season One, Part One (2023) (Digital) (Kileko-Empire).cbz


Siege - Battleworld (2016) (Digital) (F) (Zone-Empire).cbr
The Incredible Hulk 108 (1968) (Digital) (F) (TheArchivist-Empire).cbr
Venom by Al Ewing & Ram V v01 - Recursion (2022) (Digital) (Kileko-Empire).cbz



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