Epic Collecion

Atlantis Attacks - The Original Epic (2021) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Batman - Earth One Collection (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
 DC vs. Vampires v01 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Fantastic Four - The Overthrow of Doom (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Generation X Epic Collection v02 - Emplate's Revenge (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Incredible Hulk Epic Collection v13 - Crossroads (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Killraven Epic Collection v01 - Warrior of the Worlds (2021) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Marvel Universe - Time and Again (2020) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
 Marvel's Voices - Identity (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
 Marvel's Voices - Pride (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz 
Tales Through The Marvel Universe (2020) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
The Joker Presents - A Puzzlebox (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
The Joker v02 (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Venom Epic Collection v02 - Lethal Protector (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
Wolverine Epic Collection v09 - Tooth and Claw (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz
X-Force Epic Collection v07 - Zero Tolerance (2022) (Digital-SD) (Dakota Scanning).cbz

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